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Are Your 18 Year-Old Decisions Still Relevant?

When I was turned 18 back in the year of 2004, there were many rite of passages awaiting to mark the occasion. You could get a tattoo and piercing without permission, register to vote and even enter the “adult store” in the heart of our small town. At the time it all felt like a huge deal since this was the first time you actually felt like you can make an adult decision. Why not take advantage of this newfound freedom just like the others your age? Many did and a few went completely overboard! Now twelve years later, I have to wonder; are the decisions made 12 years ago actually relevant in your thirties?


I’ve had this conversation with friends about the “harmless” belly button piercing back in the day. I too took the plunge and got a needle through my inney and still have it to this day. Once my friend’s sister turned 32 she said that she felt that she had to take it out because she didn’t feel that it was mature or really appropriate for someone her age. Is this a conversation we need to have with ourselves at some point? What about those lower back tattoos that aren’t so easily to erase by taking out the perpetrator and awaiting for the evidence to close up? Do we lose our youth by trying to hide the past?

I never thought I would reflect on this special time in my life and think about how long ago it was. Was getting a piercing just following a trend or solidifying my transition into adulthood? What do you think?

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Another Year Down….

So it’s pretty typical for the passionate bloggers of the universe to conduct and share a year in review of their blogs. Being one of those not-so-passionate-as-of-late bloggers, I felt a little more compelled to sit back and reflect upon why that is.

Scrolling quickly through postings, I realized that I have had this blog since 2013 and it amazes me that I have committed to sticking with it so far. Three years ago I would say I was in a very different place physically and mentally. I was at a job that I no longer loved. I was involved with people that are now no longer in my life. I was still in my twenties and really thought this was all life could be up to that point but in the present it all seems like distant memories.


If anything the tone of this blog has certainly changed. It started out as a sarcastic and blunt way to laugh at myself and the world around me. Though I try to continue to sneak in those posts ever so often, I still seem to gravitate to talking about life and the new challenges of being a woman in her thirties. That can get quite tiring after a while; I mean who really wants to read all of that!!! My hope for this blog in 2017 is that I can put my strange, side-eyed, at times, over the top, personality to good use. As you can see postings have been sparse but I plan on changing on that as the New Year hits upon us.

People seem to be in fear of what’s to come next year but I say we are in this together. So let’s get back to basics and laugh about the crazy things that make up this silly thing called LIFE.