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Taking a Leap Off the ‘EGDE’

In response to Daily Prompt’s weekly photo challenge- EDGE.

What exactly defines someone as “living on the edge?” Is it those who jump out of airplanes? Maybe the ones that invest all of their money in a risky investment without breaking a sweat. Either way, “living on the edge” involves taking some risk.

What’s your edge and why haven’t you taken a leap off yet? At times I find myself battling this question as I teeter between the safe zone and the risk. There always needs to be some intelligent course of action and plan so if it doesn’t go as expected, you can hurry back to safety. Most recently my dog took a leap off her edge.


Typically my 12 year old Papillion hasn’t been much of a water dog. Though totally up for rough-housing and doing “big dog” things, she has traditionally shied away from dipping her tiny paws into any type of water. Last week we went to a pond with a beachfront that was finally open to dogs after the passing of Labor Day. Feeling the freedom from restriction, we both ran through the sand and down to the water’s edge where we took a moment to acknowledge where we were. After pondering her next move, she slowly made her way out into the water. I was blown away by her lack of hesitation and her immediate comfort in the calm, cool pond. When I finally looked down the beach, I noticed two large dogs playing ball and running free in the water. When my gaze returned to my own dog, that’s when I realized those dogs were what helped getting her into the pond.

They made her move off her own edge.

Although it sounds simple, this act completely encompasses  who we are as humans. We have the same fears, instabilities and uncertainties about taking chances.

As the New England fall season begins to arrive, I am still holding out hope for a few more sunny days where my dog can return and dip her paws back into the water.


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