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Be An Eleven

Like most people, I spent my summer evenings binging a lot of Netflix shows including the ever-so popular and possibly unexpected hit, Stranger Things. At first glance I wasn’t sure if this eight episode, sci-fi seeming, show would be my cup of tea but it turned out to be one of my new favorites. Aside from the wonderful acting and intricate story line, I was really drawn to how the character of Eleven was written. Although characterized as a bit odd and at times, frightening, Eleven embodies strength, resilience and extreme loyalty to a group of boys that haven’t yet put their full trust in her. Her bald head signifies fearlessness and when she’s on screen with her male counterparts, she steals the show. About halfway through the series, the boys decide to dress Eleven more like a “girl” with a pink dress and blonde wig. Although she plays along with it, you have the sense that she will not conform and stays true to who she’s been all along.

We learn that Eleven was taken away from her parents or was a lost child (I think). Although she was held captive and tormented by her “Papa,” I feel as though her personality is still very much in line with who she once was and who she continues to be. Eleven doesn’t apologize for who she is and her character teaches us that we shouldn’t either. It’s important to be an individual and to stay true to who we really are. As the meme says, “in a world of 10’s, be an eleven,” and I couldn’t agree more!



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