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Breaking Away

Many of us go through it. We stay in a relationship, a friendship or a situation because it’s comfortable, convenient and maybe we don’t know who we are without it. Looking back, now wiser, I am disappointed that there were many opportunities to walk away from toxicity and I did not. Has it shaped me as the person I am now today? Sure. Although I truly think I would have been much stronger if I actually walked briskly through the exit door instead of taking delicate steps to get there.


The reasoning for this reflection was the news of someone very close to me getting divorced. It was shocking and sad but once the true reasons why the relationship was ending came out, I was no longer somber. Although I won’t reveal the specifics around this decision, it was clear that a Facebook picturesque family was not so what it seemed. A marriage that seemed happy and cohesive on the outside was not always consistent behind closed doors and it took the female in the situation to finally break away. The “I will change” and “It won’t happen again” song spewed from her spouse’s mouth and for most of us it’s just as common as the same old tunes on the radio.

She stood her ground. The answer was still divorce.

Seeing this woman be a strong mother and advocate for not only herself and family but the life that she deserves felt so empowering to me. She was walking away from the person she had been with for a long time and had children with but had the confidence that she was going to be okay, even if she didn’t feel that way in that moment. It will be hard on both of them, their children and their extended families but at the end of the day it was the right decision.

Sometimes you have to let go of the balloon and let it fly free. The longer you have it on your wrist, the more it weighs you down.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Away

  1. Very true… It happens in everyone’s life in different form. Relationship to friendship. Great post… 😊

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