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The Turning Tides over Ronda Rousey

The dramatic lead up to UFC 193 aka another big Ronda Rousey fight, was, in my eyes, a huge disappointment. Rousey met face-to-face with her opponent Holly Holm during the weigh-in and things got intense when fists practically met faces. This is what makes fights exciting, right? Well I guess it does when it happens during a fight between two men because the frenzy on social media was less than supportive of the (at the time) unbeaten champ, Rousey.

Let me premise what I am about to say with why I am aggravated with the turn of events that have happened over the last few weeks. I am a large supporter of Rousey, not just because of what she can accomplish in the octagon but also what she has done for women. It has been a long time since young girls and women had a strong, accomplished, no-nonsense female to look up to. Yes, we have had successful women soccer teams and sure, some female actresses but their time comes and goes as well as takes a backseat when a men’s team or male actor does something “newsworthy.” Every day my news feed is filled with stories about the Kardashian’s and the scandalous lives that they live. You would think society would be ready for a female heroine to take us away from this nonsense…but ….no it didn’t happen this week.


Scrolling through my Facebook feed over the last few days I was shocked to see multiple females sharing and commenting on the photo above: “She looks like a man.” “Look at her body, she is so disgusting.” ” I look better than her.” I initially took it as a few insecure females that couldn’t comprehend what Ronda has done to empower women but the snarky posts didn’t led up. Surprisingly, more men were actually being positive and commending Rousey on not only her looks but what she brings to the sport. I sat in horror thinking about how women (some) continue to tear down other women based on the way they look, what they do, how they dress, etc.

Is this really happening?

I hope Rousey knows what she has done for me. Seeing her weigh in at a LEAN 135 has inspired me to push harder in the gym than I ever had before. Seeing her be confident in the ring and be able to back it up has shown me that I can bring that confidence into my own life. She has done so much for females in a male dominated sport and I hope she continues to do what she does to push me to be great like her!


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