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Hey There Face. Night To Meet You!

So before I get started into the details of this posting, I want to emphasize that I wasn’t capitalizing on all those cool and trendy “Cosmo” articles about not wearing makeup for a week or how dressing like Kim Kardashian made my life change. This is not about that, it’s more about identifying what really makes you, well, you.


Over the last two weeks, I have been off from work to take some much needed vacation time, without a vacation plan. I mean a mental break is definitely great but when you don’t have much to do, it can be hellish. I do think though, this was the first break from work I have taken in a while where I was able to sit back, relax, and not stress about where to be or how much money I was spending. I went to the gym, caught up with some friends, and did day trips to the beach. During this time, I actually stopped caring what I looked like.

As much as we all say “I really don’t care what people think of me or how I look,” we definitely do. We take some extra time to brush our hair, wear a shirt that isn’t covered in stains (usually) and apply some makeup so we can actually face the world. Well during my break, I did 2 out of the 3. I wasn’t really slaving over my hair and definitely had no desire to put makeup on. About a week in, I caught myself in the mirror and was a little taken back at how I looked. This was actually the first time in a while that I saw myself without any leftover makeup-because let’s be serious-as much as we wash and wipe it off our faces, there is always some left overs or at least your face does not look completely blank! Here I was though, skin exposed and eyes not lined, who was this chick? I’m not saying I prefer myself without makeup but it was definitely interesting to see who I really am underneath it all. Sometimes we need to take some time for ourselves, slow down, and identify who we are both on the surface and internally.

As I sit at my desk to close out this post, I’m wearing my usual makeup and feel pretty good about it. But there is a makeup free “selfie” in my phone that I pull out every now and then to remember the girl behind it all.


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