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Kids These Days

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hear No Evil.”

So admittedly, I have been pretty absent from blogging but I’m glad that I was able to have Daily Post prompt me with this “Hear No Evil” post and share a conversation that I could not help but overhear and wish I had not.

It was a few weeks back when spring was finally feeling like spring and I decided to take my dog for a nice walk around the high school area. Behind the high school is a track and parking lot that separates the high school from an elementary school. Typically after school hours is when I walk my dog and usually I’ll see people of all ages taking advantage of the track, playgrounds, and basketball court. As I passed a group of young boys, which by my eyesight were no older than 10 years old, I overheard one of them saying something that caught me completely off guard.

Boy 1: “Is that MacKenzie over there?”

Boy 2: ” Ugh I really hope not. That girl is a f**king bitch. Such a hoe.”

I pretty much stopped dead in my tracks, speechless and pondering if I should say something. It is an initial reaction I think most women would have when they hear someone talk about a female in such a way, especially when they are barely old enough to know how to tie their own shoes. In hindsight, I know if I had heard this story from someone else, I probably wouldn’t have been as shocked as I was in person because kids today do talk like that. For many years, I worked with kids that were in a similar age group and I would be blown away by some of the things that they would say and know about. It makes one think that kids aren’t as sheltered as we think they are and hope that they will be. It saddens me to think that young boys are already using these type of words to describe girls their age and it’s scary to think what will come out of this boy’s mouth 10 years from now.


One thought on “Kids These Days

  1. I feel your pain. Today’s youth have a very poor example of what makes a man a man and a woman a woman. There are hardly any good role models they can use to pattern their own behavior after. It’s scary to think that they are only repeating what they’re learning elsewhere.

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