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Group Fitness: So Happy To Be Here?

Although I used to love taking classes at my gym, there were definitely days where I wasn’t really feel up to overachieving or putting in any effort. Don’t get me wrong, fitness classes are super beneficial especially if you are one of those people who like to be pushed and challenged to do exercises that you haven’t done before under the watchful eye of an instructor. I was one of those people who would religiously attend Spin, Zumba, Body Pump, Butts & Gutts, Abs Class, etc because, let’s face it, I wanted a huge kick in the ass. Most of these classes were full of people that were just as hyped up to start and end as you were which included the typical “woot woot’s” and lip syncing to the music. There were a few times though, here and there, where the last thing I wanted to do was holler about a routine or new song.


It almost seems like there is a bit of pressure to show your enthusiasm for the class not only for the instructors benefit but for the fact that you feel that if you’re more into it, the better you will do. The other night in one of my classes, I just wasn’t feeling it whatsoever and could feel like look of “I really don’t care to be here” come over my face. I contemplated leaving early because why go through the motions of something that you have no desire to do? I ended up sticking it out but I didn’t feel like I utterly enjoyed myself as I have in previous classes. Was it my energy or the energy of the people around me? Do you ever feel this way when you participate in Group Fitness activities?


One thought on “Group Fitness: So Happy To Be Here?

  1. hm, sometimes i do, but thats normally in my second class of the day and I’m feeling worn out and tired – so much so my body cannot handle it, hence why i just want to leave. I also feel a bit like that when i feel the instructors making the class too hard, theres nothing worse than feeling like a failure because you can’t do it!

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