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Half-Marathon Mental Check-Up


In about two and half weeks, I will be running my second half marathon and hopefully will cross the finish line faster than I did last year. As you have read from my other posts, it has been a very long, cold, and wintry winter season in the Boston area. I am still amazed at how people trained for the Boston Marathon during this time since their training begins a lot earlier than mine. Although the weather may have put a damper on my outdoor training, it has forced me to take a much different approach then I did last year and I hope that it will pave the way for some improvement in this upcoming race. Last year, I was nervous because it was the first time I ever exceeded mileage over 7. I mean, unless you are hardcore, why else would you want to go out and run just a friendly, fun 13 miles? Not me! Since last year was my first introduction to long distance running, I stuck very close to a four day running plan and upped my long day mileage each Saturday. By the time I hit week 8 or 9 of the 12 week program, I was burned out. This year, I decided to jump into the training plan 8 weeks out instead of 12 and although it was a bit difficult to start with a 7 mile long run that week, it was good to know I still had time to work up to it. My workout regime this winter also changed (you can see this in my previous post here) which I hope will help power me through the finish line.

My focus right now is to continue to finish out these last two training weeks strong and build up my confidence that I can accomplish crossing that finishing line once again and exceed my goal of beating last year’s overall time.


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