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So You Want The Perfect Body?

OK it’s been FOREVER since I actually complained about something, so now there is no better time than the present to let it all out.

Aside from working constantly this winter and shoveling every weekend (see previous posts!), I have done something different with my fitness/workout routine that I have never done before. I cut out CARDIO! GASP! Someone of us out there are absolute cardio bunnies, trust me I was one of them, and the thought of removing 30 minutes on a machine from my daily routine is in the area of heart-attackville. OK..I’ll admit it, I didn’t completely remove cardio. I did keep one day for short runs because as most runners know, you don’t ever want to lose that base but I did cut out everything else. The reason being was after years of playing a cat and mouse game of losing weight and building muscle, I finally woke up and realized you cannot do both. Ultimately I had to pick one and muscle building was it!

In order to do this, I enlisted the help of James Wilson, who is a certified trainer that has a number of programs available to help people meet their fitness goals. 123..Grow was the program that I committed myself to for 12 weeks and at the end, although fluffier, I was a lot stronger! It really helped me get passed the mental part about letting go of cardio because I could see a lot of changes just from lifting.

Two year progress. I remember thinking I had a lot of muscle in the picture on the right.
Two year progress. I remember thinking I had a lot of muscle in the picture on the right.

With the 12 weeks completed, spring had started to slowly show itself and I was faced with a tough decision to either repeat the program and continue to grow or sign up for the same half marathon I did last year. “You’ll lose muscle and strength” others that have done the program preached in the group Facebook page. “You need to decide what your goals are,” they said.

For a while, I was absolutely stuck with my decision on what to do. Yes, it would be nice to run again and shed some of this extra fluff from the winter. Yes, it would be great to continue to the program and see how much stronger I can get. What do I do? Well I finally figured that I needed to do what was best for me. I decided to train for the half and also keep lifting with the understanding that I won’t get the same desired results as I did before all the running. This plan will be give and take. I’ll only run 3 days a week and lift heavy the other days while making sure I am eating enough.

The quest for a somewhat perfect body will always be there and most likely not attainable but I have set goals and will continue to achieve them. What’s next? Beating my last year half marathon time in May and then returning to the 123..Grow Program. You have to live for you and no one else!


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