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A Day For Lovers?

So Valentine’s Day actually occurred this weekend, huh?! Well, I was too busy preparing for the fourth snow storm by stuffing my face and watching Netflix, that I didn’t really have any time to observe it. I’m not one of those miserable people that don’t believe in L-O-V-E but I do think Valentine’s Day is an embarrassment to everyone.


I’ve done it!

…Stood in the longest line at my local CVS ( because I’m a big $pender of course) because the guy I’m dating loves Reese Cups and they have a 10 pound one to satisfy his quest for diabetes. I’ve been there with men clearing out the card aisle because they waited until the very last minute. I’ve actually spent a half hour picking out the right flowers for my Mom because I want her to also feel special on this day but….shouldn’t they feel or at least know all of that already? What is the reality of love? It is most definitley not what you see in the movies. Oh yes, I wake up every morning flawless without a touch of morning breath. Never mind your guy making you the most perfect pancakes while you sit in your coordinated, silk pajamas, not lifting a finger. I’m sorry but that type of “love” is not real!

Not even that, if you’re single, you feel like you have to go in hiding because your friends and acquaintances can’t seem to pull themselves away from Instagramming and posting photos of their bouquets. As of yesterday, some girl I know posted a staged pic of her and her “love” proclaiming her love and adoration for their relationship and it had over 150 likes. That’s great you feel that way, I guess but why does your entire social network need to know. Fishy!

To me, the whole principle of Valentine’s Day is stupid. I mean can’t you stuff your face with chocolates and buy yourself flowers any other day of the week?


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