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Gym Status for the Newbies: 2015

Really’s 2015 and the “resolutioners” have arrived at the gym. Now I have seen a lot of fitness people on social media say things like “Hey you started once too” and “You have to respect anyone that wants to work on their health goals,” and yes, I totally understand that but it needs to be within reason.

I worked in the fitness industry for over seven years and I constantly saw the same thing every January; an influx of new members and gym users and then by March, the treadmills were free. For people that consistently use the gym all year long, you have to believe it does become an annoyance for them. You have your routine and schedule and then you have some new person screwing it all up! IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME during this time of year and although I tip my hat to the sentiments shared by those who are in the professional fitness world, I still sympathize with those of us that have been hanging on all year long.

New Years resolutions in my eyes are a total bust.  People leave the gym eventually. They smoke again eventually. What is the incentive of a new year give you? It’s not essentially a new start if it happens smack in the middle of winter. Why not start after the summer? I don’t know…. I did way better during Lent (which I don’t normally participate in) by giving something up rather than setting out to do something and not possibly accomplish it in 2015. We are only 5 days in, let’s see how long you last.

I’m not miserable (well, sometimes) but for now, realistic.


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