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13 Years….

It has been 13 years since the tragic events of 9/11 and like most people, I still remember exactly where I was when news broke about the planes hitting the towers. It was 10th grade MCAS prep class, (yes we have an additional test alongside the SAT’s here in Massachusetts that determines whether or not you go to college), when the principal announced over the loud speaker what had happened. From then on, the stories of the fallen, the images of the towers, and how the world changed has remained with all of us.

This past October, I finally took a long awaited trip to New York City with Ground Zero being one of the top spots on the agenda. After four hours on a bus and a lot of walking, we finally made it to where the two towers once stood. When I came close to one of the memorial fountains, I remember thinking the same thing over and over again, “this is so tragic and beautiful.” There were tourists everywhere but I felt a stillness and silence as the water ran down the sides of the walls. Thirteen years ago, terrorists flew planes into the two buildings that once stood where I was standing and now all that is left are the names of those who were lost. Being in that moment was something I will never once forget.


Unfortunately due to time restrictions, we were unable to visit the 9/11 Museum but we did stop into the Tribute Center that had some artifacts from the buildings. Below are some photos:

mu1 mu2 mu3

I am glad that I was able to finally visit and hopefully return to Ground Zero. It gives you such an appreciation for life, for your life and what you are doing with it now that you have the opportunity to live it. It also made me wonder what I would do if I knew I was in the final moments of my life. Who would I call? Would I try to do something heroic? Would I be at peace? These questions were the same ones people asked themselves in the short moments of life that they had left. Although 9/11 was and still is absolutely tragic, it also showed the resilience of people and of this country and that we will stand together, rebuild, but continue to remember.


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