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These Are The Days of Our TV Shows

Like a lot of people, I tend to get emotionally invested in GOOD TV shows and why shouldn’t I? I cried when Izzy found Denny dead on Grey’s Anatomy. Jumped for joy when Joey finally chose Pacey at the end of Dawson’s Creek. Breathed a sigh of relief when Walter White ended his journey on Breaking Bad. How could moments like these not tug on your heart strings? I must say though, there are not that many quality shows where I make it a mission to watch it in real-time except the one that for the past 4 years has kept me on my couch every Tuesday at 10:00 pm, Sons of Anarchy.

Okay, I’ll be truthful.

I didn’t start watching it until Season 4 but when I did, I was immediately hooked. I even bought my dad the first three seasons on DVD for Christmas and ended up tearing off the plastic just so I could watch them before I started wrapping! Sons has everything you would want in a show; violence, injustice, brotherhood, love, tragedy, brutality, nudity, and a great lead actor in Charlie Hunnam. Sadly, this seven season ride ended last night and although, the episodes were long, sad, scary, and all out tragic, it was surprisingly beautiful to see it end the way it did. I don’t think that I have ever shed a tear of pure amazement for any other show I have ever watched and I’ve watched a lot of shows! So yes, I’m still emotionally invested even though it’s officially over and probably will be for some time. Will I ever be able to look at a carving fork the same way again? Probably not and that’s OK because it will be a constant reminder of what once was on Tuesday nights. Will there be a new show to fill this new void? Well, like any relationship that comes to an end, I’m not emotionally ready yet.



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