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Sweating For A Cause

Remember why you are here!

Saturday marked the 5th year of the Party In Pink Zumbathon hosted by Adriana Lopez, a seasoned instructor with not only a ton of Zumba experience and credentials but a heartfelt passion for the breast cancer cause. Each year decked out in pink gear, Adriana reminds us to not only remember why we are there but to also think of those us who have battled this horrible disease. She dances in the memory of her grandmother that she lost many years ago. I participate for my aunt and the mother’s of my closest friends who have fought hard to beat it. You feel that type of energy and attitude throughout the room from other attendees not only for those who are affected but also for the women and men that could be in the future.


Aside from the emotional aspect of this event, the Zumba Party In Pink is a great way to exercise, let loose, and dance like no one is watching…and no, I mean that literally…NO ONE IS WATCHING YOU DANCE! Everyone else is too concerned with either hitting their steps or laughing at their fumbles to even think about what you’re doing over in the left corner!

Now that everyone was locked into their places, we were off to embark on an hour and a half class with the D.J. pumping loud Latin beats and Adriana leading the way. About a quarter of the way through, we were lucky enough to experience a variety of songs and instructors, each with their own style and specialty. But wait……you want to talk about style when dancing? Two words: Sam Salazar. Sam, our surprise guest of the afternoon, presents Zumba Master Classes and Jam Sessions around the world, so it was an absolute treat that he was there with us. In case he ever reads this (HA!), Sam, my legs are still burning…FIREBALL!

After squatting, jumping, and jiggling body parts that I thought were never supposed to jiggle (sigh!), we finally made it to the cool-down song. Not only in this moment do you thank your lucky stars that you didn’t pass out but a feeling of accomplishment comes over you. Hey, I just completed a full hour and a half dance class and I did it with all of these other people! That feeling is one of the reasons why Zumba is one of the top fitness classes. It’s not about how many moves you got correct or how many breaks you had to take, you’re in a environment with people who lift you up and are fully in on the journey with you all the way through.

As we stretched our achy limbs and wiped sweat from well, everywhere, I was quickly reminded of the amount of time, energy, and work that goes into putting on an event such as this one. It is not a requirement for an instructor to host a Party In Pink event, so knowing that Adriana has committed to this for five straight years, made me appreciate it that much more. You may believe in a cause but until you actually get up and do something (aka ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) what impact are you making?

For more information about the Party In Pink:

Want to take a class with Adriana? Check out her Zumba Page:


3 thoughts on “Sweating For A Cause

  1. I love, love, love that you do this! I am preparing for a Zumbathon in aid of breast cancer awareness that comes up on the 15th of November in Lagos Nigeria. I will be dancing for a close friend and mentor. I will also be dancing to celebrate those who have beat breast cancer and are thriving, showing us that there is hope! Your post has encouraged me, being totally without rhythm, I am a little apprehensive about dancing, but if no one is looking? I shall let loose and enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So glad that my post was able to ease your mind! I was always a little apprehensive at first but I learned to let myself enjoy it and not worry about anything else. I’ve been taking it for 5 years and I continue to flub, go the wrong direction, and do moves incorrectly but I still love every minute of it. You just have to keep moving. Have a great time at your event!

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