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A Drink Is A Drink Is A Drink

The weather is just starting to change and you know what that means boots, balls, and bruskies. Ah, wait. I don’t drink beer. To be honest, I rarely drink any alcohol at all. It’s more of a personal decision that I made a while ago not because I am against it, but I just don’t really have any desire to. Being that I identify as a pretty social 20 something year old, the thought that I prefer to sip water over cocktails during a night out has presented some interesting scenarios. It’s almost comical that the spotlight burns brightly on the person that is not drinking rather than on the drunken fool making an ass out of themselves. I’ve never been a bar girl; I have no desire to try to have conversations in loud, congested settings where people are spilling drinks and rubbing up against you. But if a friend wants to go out to a bar for their birthday, hey I’m a team player and I’ll definitely be there! Now just imagine all those faces of those in the party group when you say that “you’re good” when it comes to ordering a drink. It almost becomes a game for those around you. “Just have a drink,” “I want to see you drunk.” Even when you let them know that you are driving home that night or have an early day, it’s a challenge presented to them and they are foaming at the mouth to accomplish it.


Where did all this pressure come from for not drinking? I never really felt the magnitude of this decision in my high school and college years, granted I didn’t have such a strong stance on drinking and drank if I wanted to. Why now as a responsible adult do I have to encounter this? I really don’t have a taste for alcohol or a desire to get blacked out and wake up with a horrendous hangover. If you’ve read any of my other postings, you’ll know that I’m really enthused about health and fitness and it would be difficult to achieve those goals with Bud Light sloshing around in my stomach. Why can’t no just be no and that be the end of it?

What is the point of this rant? Well unless you start off your morning with Mimosa, you know that you don’t need alcohol to get through your day. I can actually enjoy myself in social settings without any drink in hand. I often wonder if my not drinking makes those who are a little self-conscience. Why would they care if I’m not drinking? You do what makes you happy and I’ll do the same. I’d rather be chugging water once I cross the finish line at my next race, not puking in the bushes a half mile in. So cheers to those who will engage in Thirsty Thursday tomorrow. That choice is yours and I’ll be making mine.


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