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True To Life Running Thoughts

I LOVE reading blogs by other runners because they are so insightful, motivating, and really humanize the act of completing a marathon! I very much have a love/hate relationship with running. Love it because I guess I experience the “runner’s high” and think it is a great workout. Hate it because well… you just have to get your butt off the couch and go somewhere! Well ready or not, it’s prime race season and with a few on the horizon, I figured it was the best time to share what often goes through my head during these races. Now as some running blogs will state how excited and happy they were during each mile, I’m about to break it down..the real down and dirty of what it is like to be in any race! 


1.) OK! This is it! The race when I get a PR, finally. I can feel it. Great weather and I have some good energy. Bring it on!

2.) God this starting line is crowded. Crap! The gun just went off. Time to bob and weave my way through these people. Don’t stress on the clock at the finish line because you didn’t reach the start line right as the gun went off. I’d say it was around 5 minutes later. 

3.) This is a nice view. Great! I’ll keep looking at the pretty trees and water and it will distract me….30 seconds later… My God! I’m so winded, what is wrong with me? Sweet, here comes a cramp!

4.) Only one mile in? OK. I’ll pick it up at the halfway point, I swear!

5.) Why didn’t I pee one last time before lining up? Now I have to think about holding it for the rest of the way. No, I’m not going to stop for a porta-potty either. Be strong!

6.) Well, well, well, there goes Mr. Dad with the double stroller just gliding on by me. I’ll catch up to him at some point; showoff!

7.) Where the heck am I? I’ve listened to three songs on my iPod, I have to be close to the end.

8.) Totally ignoring those time clocks on the course. I started like 5 minutes after the gun went off. 

9.) Oh look, a Chipotle! I’m totally getting a burrito bowl after this, I’ve earned it!

10.) Simmer down girl in front of me with the tight purple spandex. I pass you, you pass me. This game will end soon when I make sure I pass you. Note to self: be sure to pass her, you slacker!

11.) I totally forgot my iPod was on. Where is the hardcore rap song about running fast to pump me up? I’m exhausted!

12.) What a great looking hill! Long strides will get you up faster. There has to be a downhill on the other side, right? That’s your reward for hoofing up this hill. Just get up there!

13.) No downhill..frig!

14.) Maybe I won’t PR in THIS race but I will definitely do it at the next one. Yea, that one is flatter, later in the morning, and will have better weather conditions. WAAAYYY better than this course!

15.) Well there goes an 8 year old sprinting by me. I hate you!

16.) Hello finish line, where are you? I can see all the jerks that have finished and they are either running the course again (because they are jerky like that) or rubbing it in my face that they are done. Can I be one of them?

17.) There it is! Try not to flare your nostrils too much for the finish line photo.

18.) That can’t be my time. I’ll wait for the official results online. I’m so much faster than that.

19.) Where is the free water? I’m dying!

20.) Gets official time: indicates that I started 15 seconds after the gun…frig!


Happy Running Friends!


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