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A Blogiversary!

So true!
So true!

Well it’s almost one year to the day that I started this blog and I’m truly impressed that I kept up with it as much as I did. So far it seems that my posts reflected a lot of my personality; all over the place but with a true purpose (if that makes any sense?). I started this with the intention of having a place to share my thoughts but never did I think that it would show me how much I miss writing. Sure, I write a lot of different pieces at my day job, do social media posts, and even blog entries but none of those are personal. Have I been super personal in my writing on this blog? Not really. I’m still pretty sheltered when it comes to over-sharing online because once something is out there you can’t go back. Just ask the people on Buzzfeed 😉

If I never received a single page view, comment, or visit to my page, I’d probably just brush it off and think “o well, I did this for me,” but deep down would know that it would be the furthest from the truth. I may not have the top blog on WordPress or have a million followers but being able to see the page view numbers tick up each week where I have been able to share my thoughts with people has been really amazing! 

So thanks to all of you for giving me an outlet and putting up with my crazy posts about anything and everything in life. I look forward to another year of…..well in my life… who really knows. (Yup, leaving you with a cryptic ending!) 


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