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A Change Will Do You Good!

Sheryl Crow had some pretty uplifting lyrics that stayed in your head, am I right? Well as for someone that doesn’t like change very much, I’m being forced and actually embracing the changes that are coming my way. 

First on the list, that pesky gym! I know I’ve complained about it a few times over the last year and it’s my own fault for not moving on but it looks like the decision is being made for me because they are closing! I think when you see equipment breaking down and machines slowly disappearing, then you know something must be up. Although it hasn’t officially been announced (that’s how they roll), rumor has it that they sold our memberships to another gym down the street and members will have to attend that one by September. Although I’m actually happy to break away from that poorly managed place, I think I am going to explore other options and places to go. I love working out and really enjoy a gym that is accommodating where I know I am getting what I pay for so I’m on a quest to find just that. I’m ready for a new place with new faces and less headaches and September sounds like a great time to get started!

Another change I am happy to report is that I have been asked to be a godmother by one of my closest cousins. Now let me say this, for YEARS my cousins have been giving birth to kids left and right and I have NEVER been asked to receive this very important title. 15 great grandchildren later, someone finally asks me. I know it’s a little cheesy but I’m super excited to not only have been asked but to feel worthy of such a task. That kid will be spoiled rotten by me and the best part is, I get to give them back when I’m done!

Finally, I feel like I have had a big change of focus over the last month or so. A lot of my wants and goals have changed and for once I am feeling really positive about them. Now, I am not saying I’m over my mid-twenties crisis (even though I’ll have to drop the “mid”) but I think I am more open to opportunity and not afraid to take it. 

Have you ever experienced a positive change or changes in the life that you were reluctant to take a chance on at first? Mine seem pretty small but I’m hoping they are stepping stones out from my comfort zone into more of an exciting future. 


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