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Why Pinterest is Ruining Weddings

I like Pinterest. I have many boards that keep me humble including “Foods That I’ll Never Make” and “Crafts I have No Time For,” because let’s be serious for a minute. Yes, that 5 layered dessert with about 50 ingredients looks amazing but in reality I have no patience to make something like that and will show up at a cookout with a box of cookies (store bought!). I have to say though that my witty pin boards are what you will encounter on my page as I haven’t taken the plunge and titled one “The Wedding I Might Have Ten Years From Now, Maybe.” Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t explored the mason jar and chalkboard signs that are the hot wedding pins on Pinterest. I have also visited many of my friends Bridal Boards in the hopes I can do my bridesmaid duties correctly by incorporating their dream color scheme and candle favors into their bridal showers. Now that wedding season is in full swing, I’ve encountered quite a few ceremonies that are very “Pinteresty” to say the least. It’s amazing to sit there and do a double take because you have seen the exact same wedding program somewhere else. Same goes for fonts on invitations and high end candy tables with custom made scoops. It’s not only comparing one wedding to Pinterest, it’s like comparing 5 to the same popular pins that they all have added to their boards.


I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with any of this. Pinterest has allowed brides to broaden their horizons and try to incorporate a bit of creativity when it comes to the very traditional wedding ceremony and reception. The negative aspect of this at least in the eyes of someone that utilizes Pinterest frequently is that there is a loss of originality and uniqueness in each one. It almost feels not as personal as it should be because the bride employed someone from Etsy to design most of her materials that the vendor also did for ten others. We are spending so much time trying to be trendy and special instead of incorporating our own flare and personality.

When my wedding board eventually comes to full fruition which it very well may on a private setting, I will most likely incorporate many pins that have been staples in other weddings. My hope for myself and all the other future brides is to remember that it is YOUR day and not to let a trendy online magazine dictate what will be memorable for you.


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