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What Did I Get Myself Into?

In four days I’ll finally be faced with one of the many feats remaining on my invisible bucket list, 13.1 miles. This is it, go time and there isn’t any turning back. Of course, I’ve come too far to punk out now! Three months of training in this crazy New England weather has been hard but also helped prove that I can handle this; well at least I hope so!

I was smiling because it was over!

During this training, a lot of my runs have been solo which is something I’m used to. I crank up a playlist to either heavy rap songs or Backstreet Boys (Nick Carter just got married…sigh!) and show the pavement what I’m made of. Some runs have been awesome and others, not so much. I remember running 7 then 8 then 9 then 10 and saying out-loud, what the hell did I get myself into? How will I ever finish 13? Ah, and don’t forget that pesky .1, that’s a mental killer during any race.

I won’t punk out.

Why? My training partner won’t let me!

As I mentioned, a lot of my runs were just me and my music but my long weekend morning runs were with one of my closest friends, Ali (Hopefully she won’t kill me for this shout-out 😉 ). This past Saturday, we reached 12 miles through downpours, mugginess, and a 6:45 am start time. We caught up on life, our favorite shows, and our fears and excitement about the upcoming race. I’ve never ran this amount of miles by myself or with a partner before but I must say, it has made this journey that much more enjoyable. It’s fulfilling to have someone to keep you accountable and push you when all you want to do is stop. Through all the course planning, the experimentation with gels, and purchasing the coolest running gear (yes, we got ourselves some fancy tanks!), I am confident that we will make it through.

So what did I get myself into?

An opportunity to prove to myself that I can accomplish what I set out to do. A chance to build an even greater friendship and bond with wonderful person. To overcome my fear of running a crap ton of miles. The ability to donate to a worthy organization. To say I did it!

So here’s to you Boston’s Run To Remember, I’m ready and can’t wait to cross that finish line on Sunday.

Oh.. and if I’m still alive, expect a recap next week!


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