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Why Am I Still Here?

As I have taken a longer look at the title of my blog known as “Where Am I?” I’m sure the readers out there (if there are any) are wondering what is going on with these postings. Yes, I’m a bit all over the place, sort of like my life. One thing might happen and instead of texting my friends about it, I decide to make it a blog entry. I figure why not share my thoughts about something so out of my own control and let my fingers fly while recapping it all! 

To keep with the “Where Am I” theme, at least for today, I’m going to share why I constantly ask myself how I ended up here. 

In one of my very first posts, I indicated that I am a member of a Women’s Only Fitness Club (yes, I’m still there and unsure why) which started out as a very interesting experience and transition from my previous gym. The culture of a women’s only facility differs greatly from the all the other types of health clubs out there. If you have been a member of one, you understand this greatly!  It’s cool though, roll out of bed looking half dead and not really care who is there to judge you is a pretty descent way to work out. As time has gone on though, I have become a bit annoyed with how things are running there. Equipment is broken, bathrooms are nasty, and a few months back, members were charged with an “upgrade fee” of $50. Yes, I’m still waiting on what the heck those upgrades were. Maybe it is the cotton balls and the Kotek pads added to the shelf in the bathroom? 


I decided to inquire to the management about the fee since I was not too pleased with unethical funds being taken out of my account. After being passed around to two different people, the General Manager/Owner? wrote me an email riddled with grammatical errors and run on sentences. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out 1.) why this person did not use/have spell check 2.) how they were in a customer service role 3.) if this was a joke. Of course I was pretty baffled and stared at the email for a good ten minutes wondering what the heck to do with it. I decided not to respond because it was clear that if they were not taking the time to fully and correctly address my concerns then they probably did not care anyway. 

As months went by and things continued to go unchanged, I encountered the same error filled words on a flyer hanging in the gym area. This time though, things were a little different. I know that I said that the all women’s gym is a weird environment but one thing is for sure, leave it to a woman to correct a man’s mistakes. 


(The sign was corrected in pen by a female member)

I’m not trying to put this person down and make fun of the fact that they have some limitations in the spelling department, hey we all have our weaknesses! It’s just a matter of effort and purpose and while I was annoyed that the email I received seemed careless, it was pretty comical to see the errors corrected by “Ms. Anonymous.”

So Where Am I now? Still a member of this gym that hasn’t fixed the studio (as indicated above) and yet address my concerns. How long will I last? That is yet to be determined but hey, when you have a group of ladies who will whip out a pen and call you out, that’s not exactly a bad place to be. 

No but seriously, I need to find another gym. Just wanted to end the post on a somewhat positive note 😉



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