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What Is My Legacy?

Life is short.



When I was growing up, my biggest fears were little dogs, roller coasters, and death. Like most small children, I would always ask my parents, “What happens when we die?” The answer is never easy and the thought of life ending is rather terrifying, even as an adult. I feel like I am at the point in my life where death has become too consistent; grandparents, friends, parents of friends, old classmates were not deaths that were experienced as frequently in my younger years. As time passes, so do people.

With the growth of social media, with an emphasis on Facebook, it seems as though death has been immortalized. Most Facebook accounts of those who have passed away have become sanctuaries for “friends” to mourn their loss. Special messages indicating memories and birthday acknowledgements and photos of moments that will remain default profile pictures until an allotted time has passed. As I view the profiles of those who I have known that are now gone, I start to question the legacy that I will leave behind. Have I made enough of an impact on those I truly care about for them to continue to acknowledge my soul? Will their Facebook profiles contain old photos of us with quotes about life and death?

Is this an actual stage of grieving or are we promoting that we once knew the now departed?

Although Facebook isn’t a valid indicator of how many people you are truly friends with, it does provide you with a connection to those you may not initially had in person. It’s a small, interactive photo album of you, your friends and family, and the things you found joyful and interesting in life. Would I want my account to be fully active if I were to pass on? I’m not sure if I can even answer or consider that question at this point but it does start to get me thinking of what I am leaving behind. 

I should see friends more, volunteer, join a running club, or take up new interests. With the passing of loved ones and distant acquaintances, it’s hard not to question what your purpose is in this life and if you are making the most of it. 

As cryptic as it sounds, if this was my last blog posting ever, I’ll let you take away what you think of me by my words. We may have never met or you may not know me very well but my words have touched you in some way because you stopped to read this. That is an OK impact for me.


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