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Thank God I’m Not 16!

I recently came across this site of 50 things that you should blog about once in your life. Although most of my postings are things that are swimming around in my head, there was one topic that really stood out to me. “Write a letter to your 16 year old self,” it said. When I sat back to try to remember my life as a sixteen year old (about 12 years ago, mind you), I really couldn’t recall what my biggest worries, fears, or accomplishments were.

Mean Girls

Instead of getting all serious and enlightening my 16 year old self “Back To The Future” style, I decided to share the things that I am HAPPY that I did not experience twelve years ago. Seriously, think about it. Do you ever say to yourself, “my teenage life would be so different if it was happening right now?”

Here is my top 8:

1.) Social Media– The extent of social media circa 2002 was AIM. I truly believe Facebook ripped off the away message with status updates (too much information that no one really cares about!) I cannot even fathom being a high school student and having my life as well as my classmates plastered all over the Internet. It is also very trying to hear about the negative impact social media has on individuals which has led to bullying and sadly, suicide of many young people.

2.) Short Prom Dresses-Remember when prom was considered a formal event? Now the dresses are short, the hair is flat ironed, and the makeup is thicker. It’s like everyone fell asleep one night, woke up and said “I want to look like a Kardashian on my prom night.”

3.) Selfies-I believe digital cameras may have started to emerge during my teenage years but there wasn’t really too many places to upload any glamour shots (RIP Community Webshots account) Now, in about ten seconds, teens can easily upload any filtered, duck faced selfie that they wish. My favorite photo description? “I look ugly!” Of course, the adult in me knows this is just a call for attention. Why post it if you are so ugly then? Maybe we should just agree with you to make it stop!

4.) Super-Posing-I’ll give Paris Hilton credit for one thing she did in her life; she invented the super-pose. You know, that pose EVERY girl must do when taking a group shot that ensures your arm will look as skinny as possible. This trend had yet to be started in my day but hey, it could have made those photos printed out from CVS that more glamorous!

5.) Cracked iPhones-If you were lucky enough to have a cellphone when I was in high school, you were most likely sporting the old school Nokia or the mecca of cool, the Nextel! Both screens were barely large enough to enter someone’s phone number, let alone had the ability to view an entire game of Candy Crush. Now every teen must have one of the top of line phones that mostly likely ends up cracked and broken because hey, it’s part of the family plan, right?

6.) Hashtags- As someone who works with social media, I truly understand the importance of hashtags and the impact they can have on a brand. When it comes to obnxious and overuse of them, my eyes begin to bleed. #selfiefordays #summertimesaddness #diditsnowlastnight #nofilter #aintnobodygottimeforthat Need I hashtag more?

7.) Miley Cyrus– She’ll never be Britney!

8.) Bad Reality Shows-I’ll be the first to admit it, I LOVED some late night WB drama (Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Buffy, etc) I also would take in a little Real World because hey, it’s the true story of seven strangers! Now, reality TV is all that is ever on. Pregnant girls here, single people in a hot tub there. I’ll admit that I tune in to a reality show or six but at this point, it has become overkill.


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