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Trying To Be “Boston” Is WICKED Annoying!

The Departed was on for about the 90th time this month and I couldn’t help but get sucked into watching it. Of all the Boston based movies out there, I’d have to say that it’s one of my all time favorites. It may be the “Dedham Mall” reference (the town I grew up in) or the fact that most of the accents on our point, that keep me tuning back in.

Blake Lively in The Town

Speaking of the infamous Boston accent, let it be known that it is poorly demonstrated in a number of movies and television shows. Hearing Blake Lively slur “I want a LAWYA” in The Town literally sucked the life out of me. Why are the roles depicting Boston women revolve around drug addition, single motherhood, and little to no education? I believe Lively was even quoted as saying that she slept in her makeup and outfit the night before she had to shoot so she could look more authentic for the part. I’m sorry..WHAT? Granted every city and town have their own mix of citizen high and low but not every female in Boston looks and acts this way. We are among the top universities in the country and have a number of successful women leading the charge in all different areas. Even the 20 somethings are hungrier than ever and don’t need to be half dressed or knocked up to make their money. (May you RIP “Breaking Boston” cancelled after one episode)


In the last few years, there has been a consistent uprising of television and film coming out of this city. Is Boston the newest trend or are we getting set up to be the latest embarrassment, Jersey Shore style? Watching the short lived reality series Southie Rules and Wicked Single made most of the locals skin crawl. At least we have some positive shows to fall back on like Wahlburgers and Boston’s Finest. (Both produced by the Boston based Wahlburgs. Hmmm, interesting!) There are also some great gems like Good Will Hunting, The Fighter, Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, and Boondock Saints to name a few. Notice I left out The Perfect Storm? Diane Lane’s butchered accent is actually listed in the top 5 of worst Boston accents in film. I can’t watch that movie anymore..sigh!

To those who have yet to experience the real side of Boston, MA, I highly suggest that you don’t let you $10.50 at the Showcase Cinema be your education. We are more than accents, Bulger, and New Kids On The Block and we don’t need some high priced actress to drop some “wicked’s” to represent who we are.

Word to ya motha…




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