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So The Thigh Gap…


If you follow any news outlets, magazines, or mainstream blogs, your social feeds were most likely blowing up with the bikini model from the online Target store. If you missed it, you can check it out here! In a nutshell, Target did some very poor and obvious photo editing when they attempted to create not only a thigh gap but also trimmed the arms and stomach area (I guess those non-existent love handles were not pleasing enough) of the model’s body. Another day, another Photoshop controversy, right? For a while I have heard about the popularity of the Thigh Gap by those who are for it and against it. Either way I could care less whether my thighs, your thighs, or your dog’s thighs rub together when they walk. Who cares? My skinny friend ran the Boston Marathon a few years back and she still got thigh chap, so what about it?

You can sit there and use that obnoxious inner thigh abductor all day and look as awkward as you want! While you’re flapping away with your legs, just think you could achieve more desirable fitness goals. Train for a race, lift heavy, or even do unassisted pull-up! What’s the next step after the thigh gap is achieved? Will your armpit be too fat? Good luck with that!



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