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Do You VagueBook?

We have all experienced NUMEROUS times on our Facebook news-feed a vague but attention seeking status from one of our “friends.” The call to action from these posters isn’t for help or assistance rather the need to see how many people will actually engage and show possible interest and sympathy for what they just posted. One of the best references regarding VagueBooking is here! 


I would hope that if is someone truly was seeking the opinions of others in a stressful situation, that they would consult in private. Facebook has become a dumping ground for TMI and vague status updates are only adding to the cause. Aside from the weather, children, and overall life changing events, song lyrics and vulgar vocabulary have also become tools in VagueBooking behavior. The sad thing is is that Facebook actually gives you the option to unfollow accounts so their misery doesn’t appear on your news-feed but the temptation to continue to watch the daily drama unfold is too strong. VagueBookers actually serve as excellent conversations and screen shot topics among real friends (not online ones).

“Did you see Mary’s status about Karma being a bitch? Wonder who that is about”

If you have been a frequent VagueBooker, I’m sorry to tell you that you will forever remain as one for a long time. Every status you post will immediately create sarcastic thoughts and provoke massive amounts of eye rolling whether it is a serious situation or not. Either put it all out there, make it stop, or sign off. I don’t believe Jesus is providing psalms via Facebook messaging.


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