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The Simple Life

As the saying goes, “age ain’t nothing but a number,” but I cannot shake the fact that I will be 28 years old in just a few weeks. Although society tells us that this age is still rather young, I can’t help but wonder where the time went and how quickly it went by. Working in Higher Education and interacting with students as young as 18 years old almost forces me reflect on what life was like in the “old days.” Ten years ago, I was wrapping up my senior year of high school and wondering if I was going to be accepted to college. My schedule consisted of waking up, going to school, basketball practice, socializing with friends, and traveling to my part-time job. Life seemed so “simple” yet stressful then.

Fast forward to present day and of course, most of my priorities have changed but surprisingly, on my own terms. When I graduated college and was struggling to find a job, I always wished I could go back in to the “simple” life, the comfort I had in that four year cocoon; no school loans, insignificant bills, and parents to rely on. The handcuffs of school work had finally come off and though I sought independence, I still wanted that security. That was six years ago and up until not long ago, I still held on to some of those feelings.

My last few months of being a 27 year old in this world has taught me that where I am right now may indeed be the real definition of the “simple” life. I chose a job that I truly enjoy. Stay in touch and keep up relationships with those that I want to. Schedule my life on my own terms, without having to ask permission. I have a new perspective on the world and about life that I didn’t have even a year ago. Yes, bills suck and life certainly doesn’t go the way that you plan it to but I figure if you stress over achieving the perfect life, you may not get it!


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