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Holy InstaHAMS!

Amanda Bynes: Queen of Awkward Selfies | Photo Cred: Yahoo
Amanda Bynes: Queen of Awkward Selfies | Photo Cred: Yahoo

It’s been a while since I did a sort of “rant” entry so after a long work week, this vent seems to be fitting.

When Instagram first came out as the cool, new, had to have app, I’m pretty sure I downloaded it and didn’t touch it for a while. At the time, Instagram was being advertised, at least in my eyes, as a place where you would post some pretty decent photos and apply a trendy to filter to each. I felt that I wasn’t really that talented or clever enough to be apart of this amateur photographer crowd, so I let it fall to the wayside for a while. As time went on, more and more people began to join, especially celebrities, which sort of exposed their personal lives through their own photos rather than those taken by the paparazzi. Finally I gave in and took my first real vintage looking photo of my dog walking in the park. There it was, black and white with a border. Does it get any more professional than that? I didn’t even have to worry about writing an intelligent description or had the desire to add hashtags for legitimacy. There it was,  for anyone to double tap and give my picture some love!

Ahh, weren’t those the days?

Like anything that gets popular, Instagram has blown up to something bigger than itself. Companies are advertising products, television shows are promoting their episodes, and teeny boopers; the crowd that drinks but are not any close to being  legal, are posting selfies like nobody’s business. It is just me or has the purpose of Instagram changed? It’s all about “HAMMING” up in front of your smart phone and including asinine hashtags that don’t make sense: #nofilter #doubletap #wearingearrings #girlsforlife #imstandinginabathroomimsocool (maybe, maybe not?)

How many 30 day challenges can people participate in? Day 1: Take a selfie (girl takes a bathroom mirror shot with her mom’s fish shower curtain playing the backdrop behind her. Day 16: What is the weather like (photo of a giant mound of snow on the ground) Day 30: Baby Picture (you post some god awful childhood photo where you have puke hanging on your chin or for some, class it up with the one from Sears!)

Don’t even get me started on photos of girls nails, wasteful 8 seconds videos about nothing, and guys at the gym tagging #legday #bodybuilder #guyswithmuscles #iliftheavy. We get it. You work out, bro!

I came on Instagram so I could escape the “this is my life” Facebook bologna but sadly, it didn’t last. To those pioneers who started it all with the “Nashville” tinted wine glasses and cats on your lap, I will keep you in my thoughts as Justin Bieber gets another #doubletap from his ab selfie.


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