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You Are Not A Celebrity, Make It Stop!

In the words of the Cher Horowitz from the infamous 90’s film Clueless, “As If!”

The latest trend to infiltrate my news-feed other than those horrendous BitStrip cartoons, is the overly staged and eye roll worthy engagement photos. It seems as though people (females, cough!) are making the expensive investment so their Facebook friends can leave award winning critiques such as “You guys are so cute together” and “Such a great couple!”<SNORE!> I mean, really, are you planning on hanging them in your bathroom because it’s a beach scene and would match wonderfully? Come on!



Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

My thoughts, you ask? How unrealistic could these things be? I can’t fathom rolling around in a pile of leaves with my significant other nor staging awkward kissing scenes on a somewhat abandoned beach to capture the “intimate” moment. (Sorry to my friends that I have already offended :)) Do you really need 50 different shots in sephia tone projecting your fake love and adoration for one another? I can barely take a photo with my eyes open, let alone have my newly sparkling finger linger on someone’s chest looking so gleeful.

Yes, I don’t have a ring and couldn’t care less but if and when that moment comes, I’ll be sure not to drag someone else into my fantasy spread of People Magazine. Why are you making your guy dress up in clothes that don’t even belong in his closet? If your love is real, then let him show up in his holey pants and spaghetti stained Paul Pierce jersey. It may not be pretty but at least it’s more legitimate of who he really is.

So maybe I wasn’t born with the cheesy, “love dovey” gene but if I highly encourage those close to me to stage an intervention if I ever succumb to the horrors of the engagement photo trend.


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