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A True Red Sox Victory

As we all know, it has been a tough few months for the City of Boston due to the horrific events that transpired on Marathon Monday and the months later with victims trying to recover.  The World Series victory last night for the Red Sox was historic; the first World Series win at home since 1918 but for the people of Boston, it was so much more. 

(Photo credit: Jim Davis | Boston Globe)

There has been many conversations regarding the use of #BostonStrong when it comes to associating it with sports. Some feel that it serves as an injustice to the victims when the phrase is joyously used for a game winning hit. In my opinion, I truly believe that 2013 Red Sox team has encompassed the feeling behind what #BostonStrong represents; hope, strength, and resiliency. When the bombing took place on Patriots Day, the Sox had just wrapped up a victory at Fenway Park and from that moment on they became exactly who the city of Boston needed them to be, our strength. Will Middlebrooks coined the phrase “Boston Strong” on his Twitter page. David Ortiz took over the Fenway microphone to yell the infamous: “This is our f*&king city.” The Green Monster was draped in an over-sized American flag and victims and first responders took the field to be recognized for their bravery. Although we were hurt, we were not broken and the scrappy team who fought to win by the hair on their chins (literally) built us up and made us believe that both fans and the Red Sox were in this journey together. 

I have posted before about how much of a die-hard Red Sox fan that I am and that will never change but the feelings that I have this morning are more than based on a win, rather a victory. A victory for the city I love that proved to the world that we are strong and when we stand together, we will always be victorious.

So thank you to the Boston Red Sox for being what we all needed and made us believe in the good things in life once again. 


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