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Not a Pink Hat

I have recently been playing around with the title of this blog because I want to give readers a little more insight as to who I am but not so much (if that makes any sense). In the spirit of the Red Sox taking on the Rays tonight, I figured “Not A Pink Hat” would not only be a fitting post but blog name as well. For those who are not familiar with the “pink hat” identifier, I think Urban Dictionary gives it a proper description: “An overzealous, bandwagoner typically female fan of a recently successful local pro sports franchise. Characterized by the brand spanking new officially licensed pink team hat. Typically spends majority of game chatting on cell phone, waving to TV camera, asking idiotic questions & being a stupid annoying nuisance in general. Most commonly found at Fenway Park & Foxboro Stadium.”


I believe that the rise of the “Pink Hats” came around the time that were superstars on the Boston Red Sox. Players such as Nomar Garciaparra, Johnny Damon, and Manny Ramirez, to name a few, sent some ladies in a frenzy to buy all “cute” gear representing their love and support for them. In my case, I have never been a fan of the color pink, maybe it was because I was more of a tomboy growing up or the fact that the color never complimented my complexion (Italian and Irish skin tone, yes, figure that one out!) Either way, I would be truly embarrassed to wear any sports team logo or name with the color pink behind it. As a female who is a passionate sports fan, I still get grief from both sexes when I discuss sport headlines and my opinions. Some males will constantly battle my ideas and challenge every word I say where some females will claim that I really don’t watch sports and should stop pretending. I feel as though this whole “Pink Hat” identity has made it harder for true female fans to really show that they are credible. 

For instance, one of my favorite mornings shows in Boston is Toucher & Rich on 98.5 The Sports Hub. One of their bits after Red Sox home games is to find a “Pink Hat” and ask her some pretty standard questions about baseball and what happened in the game. Most of the responses that they receive are not only hysterical but downright embarrassing, making the definition above stand true. The sad part of it all is that these women think that giving answers such as “Jacoby Ellsbury is my favorite player because he is hot,” or their favorite part about the Red Sox is “singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ with a beer in hand,” make them legit. These responses make me laugh and cringe at the same time because yes, their thoughts are ridiculous but they are the ones getting the platform to represent females, where the true fans do not. With the Sox currently in a race for the American League Championship and possible World Series run, everyone in this area will become fans, whether Pink Hat or not, because it is the thing to do around here. “Did you watch the game last night?” “How about Ortiz’s homer in the eight?” People want to be apart of these conversations because it is the culture and it is what we do up here in New England. So as the Sox prepare to play this afternoon, I am also preparing for the “Bandwagon” Facebook posts and tweets from those who never watched a game all season long. But don’t put it on the Pink Hats, everyone jumps on the ride while it is good!


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