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I Am Woman, Hear Me Flip You Off!


Remember those days in high school when the guy would walk by your locker, give you an elbow and you thought, yes! Someone is paying attention to me? Well as a sixteen year old, that was considered the ego boost of first period. In your 20’s, you might acquire a restraining order!

After talking to a few of my girl friends that are the same age, I noticed that we shared similar views on the “creepiness” that overcomes us when a unknown male gives you unwanted attention. Now please, don’t think this is a “I think I’m good looking and all the guys hit on me” rant because that is absolutely absurd. You should close out this blog and never read it again because I am definitely not one of those nor do I believe that. I am simply explaining what a lot of women experience at my age, which is the undesirable interaction with the opposite sex that we may encounter on a day to day basis. It may not even be a physical altercation that can set us off but a weird look or action that makes our nostrils flare (OK mine do but whatever!)

Recently I was at the supermarket doing some food shopping. I have been to the same store many times and can easily navigate the aisles and find what I am looking for. With my list in hand and eye on the clock, I hustled my way through the consumer maze. As I was reading a label on a carton of yogurt, an employee that was stocking, (not yet stalking), came over to ask if I needed help with anything. I politely said I was “all set, thank you” and continued my quest of leaving the store in 15 minutes flat. 

I zoned in on the next aisle and there he was again. “Can I help you with anything?” “No” I responded, “I’m fine.” So at this point my thoughts went two ways; either he has been thoroughly trained in customer service and I should appreciate that or he finds great joy in repeatably asking the same question.

When I finally accomplished filling my cart and made my way towards the front of the store, a voice rang out behind me: “Do you need help finding anything?” OK, really? I think I have made it pretty clear at this point and not sure where the miscommunication happened. I slowly turned, giving what I like to refer to as the side eye, and said “No!” Steering clear of any more human interaction, I scurried into line at the self check out.

Was I utterly annoyed? Yes. Am I over-thinking the situation? Possibly. My point is that, not all young women seek or thrive on someone taking notice of them. Why do men need the satisfaction of a women giving him the time of day? It’s like in the movies when a young guy is around his friends and says something inappropriate to a girl that passes by just to get a good laugh from his buddies. Although when he is alone, he wouldn’t think twice of acting in that way. 

To all the overly ambitious guys out there; give us a break. The stare downs, the unwanted questions, and the conversations without substance are in extremely bad taste. When we don’t respond or give you a look, we mean it. So go back home and work on some new tactics because in our minds, we are flipping you off! 


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