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Fear The Pink Dumbbell

A little embarrassed taking this one!


So after two sessions with two different psychics who told me I would be a published writer one day (seriously!), I have decided to lay some roots on the good old WordPress! I was previously a part of Tumblr but got lost among the zebra print and celebrity photos.

Any-who, I’m here and ready to start documenting and one of my first postings is dedicated to a topic that has been hanging over my head for months. Cue, the Pink Dumbbell!

For about the last six months, I have been a part of a Women’s only gym located pretty close to my house. I had previously been a member of a high end health club equipped with hot tubs, yummy mommies (I’ll address that topic at some point), the latest fitness equipment, and of course, meat heads (gym stereotype, sorry). As a self proclaimed gym rat, this change of fitness clubs has been a pretty big transition for me but I have done my best to seek comfort in my new environment. 

One of the first things that I noticed at this new gym made for woman is that it was “made for woman.” Dinky dumbbells, used equipment, and worst of all no real lifting machines. Hey, I’m no bodybuilder by any means but come on,give a girl a chance to pump some real iron. As an avid reader of fitness blogs, I know that many women become a slave to cardio and think lifting will make them “bulky” and this club definitely caters to that. Every evening women get in position with their US Weekly’s and glide their way on the elliptical for hours, barely breaking a sweat. My thoughts? Yes, I USED to be one of those with my Lululemon tank, watching MTV reruns while climbing the stairs to nowhere for long periods of time until I had enough. LADIES-It’s time to get off those machines and dig deep! The other day I saw a women pick up one of those hot pink dumbbells, yes it’s almost as if they are calling out to women: “I’m pink, light weight, and you’ll look fabulous doing bicep curls with these.” The woman did about 10 seconds of some acrobatic move with the 2 pound weights before glancing at herself in the mirror and making her way to the locker room. I am in no way making fun of anyone, I’m just disappointed that some ladies don’t give themselves enough credit. We can still be feminine while we work hard and lift harder. Hello, people, we are in a women’s only gym, who cares if your Nike’s aren’t brand new or if you are god awful hideous without makeup. I don’t care so why should you. 

Although I will never cross over to the bright side, meaning to the colored dumbbell section on the fitness floor. I would love to see more women get empowered and be strong inside and outside. 


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